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Stein & Frank

There’s trouble afoot. When Prince Stein has a party for his three hundred-and-somethingth birthday, the villagers of Rustnuts figure out just what goes on up at the castle in Transnordia.


They already hate the Huckenbeck dynasty for ruining the village. Now they hate them for being … themselves.

It’s too much for Stein to manage on his own. If only he could make a friend … a really, really new friend.

Catch Stein in his latest adventure.
SWAGG. Book 1, Spook, is out now!


In a print book; in ebook for any reader including Kindle,

and now, for the first time ever for Jill Marshall Books,
in gorgeous collectable hardback!

Bookworm info. Gadzooks, S&F is fun! A shorter read with a heap of great characters for readers 8 and up. Fans of How to Train Your Dragon, Goosebumps and mad scientists will freak out for S&F!

Stein SWAGG Superhero profile
The Clever Creator

Did you get the Clever Creator proflle in the SWAGG quizz? Read more below!



Just like Stein, you've got a massive imagination, a Google-sized fact-gathering brain and the ability to come up with a creative solution to any situation.

You love using your inventive ideas to connect people. You're wise, well-read and absorb information like it's oxygen - and yet you love to listen to your intuition too.

Others love your ability to think differently so they can live differently.

Without you, the world could feel a lot smaller.

Your profile

Whoever said day-dreaming was a bad thing got it wrong! When you day-dream, night-dream or any other kind of dream, Clever Creative (including the side dream that's going on while you're watching something on TV or listening to someone speak), the most wonderful things are being created. 

You have big ideas. Amazing, huge ideas. And you have a lot of them, too. Sometimes one quick idea can generate a heap of others, almost at the same moment. You're off-the-cuff and off-the-chart inventive, bringing creative new solutions to all sorts of areas. It might be painting, writing, sculpting, or it might be computer programming, technology development, nuclear or quantum physics.

To you, the world is a place of endless opportunities to try something new. The worst thing someone can say to you is: 'That's the way we've always done it, so do it like that.' But isn't there a better way? If there is (and you're sure there is!) you'll come up with the answer. 

All this thinking and dreaming can mean you spend a fair bit of time on your own, and some of your best ideas come out of that alone time - when you're walking the dog or biking, sitting on a train or up a tree, long-distance swimming. Then you have to go back home and scribble those ideas down, which can mean you're a night owl or an early bird. Once the idea's got ya, it's got ya! 

But you don't need to be alone all the time. You still like people - and they like you. You're quirky, fun, different. You're quick-witted and kinda cool. You make them think of themselves and their lives in a whole new way, and they share your sense of wonder at the universe. 

Sure, you might not be able to tell them exactly how to get to that vision of the future. Details may be thin on the ground - because the ground is not where you're at. But team up with others who can keep the project on track and your head in the game, and together you'll fly. Anywhere. Some way that nobody has ever come up with before. The world needs your genius, Clever Creative! 

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