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SWAGG 1: Spook

Online conferencing organisation, HOST, have figured out how to livestream the World Community Games across the planet. The whole world sits up and takes notice. And so do some people who are out-of-this-world ...

Like Janey Brown, aka Jane Blonde. She'd thought her spy life all over when she carried out her last mission iwith the irrepressible SPI:KE, G-Mamma, until one day, from the shadows, Gideon Flynn appears.

He's building a team to uncover what HOST are really up to - and to carry out some secret missions of his own.


Together, they track down some unusual superheroes. Jack Bootle-Cadogan - Jack BC, or Anubis, to his friends. Matilda Peppercorn, legendary kickboxer with fabulous feline skills. And Prince Stein of the Huckenbeck dynasty, who's very old and very young, all at the same time.

And the adventure begins. But are the team willing or even able to do what Flynn wants? It’s time to find out. Meet SWAGG.

SWAGG 1 - Spook, is the first in the ensemble series from best-selling author, Jill Marshall. Meet all the characters here on their first team adventure, and then follow the four origin stories to deep-dive into your favourite teen superteam: Jane Blonde, Sensational Spylet; Jack B-C, Doghead; The Legend of Matilda Peppercorn;, and Stein & Frank



Did you get the Shadow Warrior profile? Read more below!

Just like SWAGG leader, Gideon Flynn, you are naturally powerful and
use your intelligence and way with words to great effect.

You encourage others to take action - and you're prepared to lead from
the front in the fight for a good cause.

People love your quick mind, your ability to pivot quickly, and
your willingness to step up and do the right thing.

Your profile

As a Shadow Warrior, you're a 'take charge and get it done' type of character. A natural leader, you'll often find that you step in when nobody else if volunteering to lead - or others will invite you to take on the role.

You love to solve problems and solve them NOW! And often they're problems on a very big scale - like something happening across the entire planet, or the whole country, or everywhere in your immediate environment.

Somehow you've got the vision and the courage to see what needs to be done. You're very 'big picture' and can figure out more than most what will happen if the situation doesn't change. You can multi-task with several projects on the go and complete what you need to do in super-quick time. You might even work best when you're up against a VERY challenging deadline.

Even better, you've got the persuasive powers to encourage others to join you in your fight for something better, something great. You work well under pressure. Heck, sometimes you even feel like you work BEST under pressure! 

Don't forget, though, that even warriors need a rest. You don't need to fight constantly - but that's a bit of a danger for the Shadow Warrior. If there's nothing to campaign for, you can sometimes find yourself fighting with loved ones - or even yourself!

Balance that great power and energy with some love and gentleness, making sure you have others around you with kindness, strength and attention to those details that maybe you'll miss! Between you, you'll definitely get the job done - and they'll flourish under your leadership too.

Don't know which SWAGG superhero you are? 
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