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S*W*A*G*G by Jill Marshall

3D Jane Blonde 1 - Sensational Spylet
3D SWAGG 4 -  Soulforce
3D Stein & Frank BotUPE
3D Jack BC 2 -Dogfight
3D Jane Blonde 3 - Twice the Spylet
3D Matilda Peppercorn 1 - Catgirl
3D SWAGG 1 -  Spook

The SWAGGbooks collection 
from Jill Marshall

19 books
5 series
1 awesome adventure
Available now in ebook, paperback and swanky collectable hardback
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Meet the gang in their own origin series. 


Jill Marshall is the author of more than two dozen books including the best selling Jane Blonde series, the award-winning Doghead books and other fave characters for tweens, teens and above. 

In Lockdown 2020, Jill fulfilled her dream of pulling all her superhero characters into an Avengers-y ensemble series. She launched the first SWAGG book, Spook, in May 2020, with four more in the making. The last SWAGG book, Soulforce, which is also the last of 19 books that weaves together all four original stories, came out in March 2022.


Each team member has their own origin series, and they're all available here in an array of digital formats from print to ebook - including for the first time (officially) the complete Jane Blonde series in ebook and paperback, and (another first for Jill's books in English) the SWAGG series of four books in glorious glossy hardback, perfect for collecting!

Jill writes books for all ages from kid to adult. You can find those on too in all sorts of digital ways. Some are even available in audio. Heck, some are available in song. Check out our Insta and Facebook pages for updates and fun stuff - including, now and again, some actual SWAGG swag!

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Jane Blonde 8_FRONT COVER_Perfect_Spylet

Download some SWAGG!

As a big thank you for taking a look around SWAGG Books, you can download a free ebook copy of the Jane Blonde special World Book Day title, The Perfect Spylet. 

This link will take you straight to Smashwords where you can download it for Kindles, Kobos and other e-readers, for laptops or phones (epub), or even just a plain PDF to print off. No catch, not asking for emails, and buy now just means 'click here'! Just a wee thank you gift. Enjoy!

Perfect Spylet download
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Foreign and translation rights, rep'd by the Joanna Devereux Literary Agency.
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SWAGG and the Origins Series in order

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